September 12, 2016

Swinging into School: Let 'Em See You Be Silly!

I don't know about you but that Back To School season gets me every single year. Seriously, it is pure exhaustion and once that last darlin' leaves my room,  I am not good for much. And guess what my family wants when I get home? Dinner. Can you believe that?! Well, I would say this qualifies as such, but they are not buying it.
Safe to say, the Back to School season pretty much takes over my life. And while I try to pace myself by using part of my summer to prepare, it is always a mad rush to finish - which usually ends up with me shoving a few things in the closet and closing the door the night of Meet the Teacher. Anyone with me?That first day of school is a whirlwind which I have over planned for! But really I just have one goal; to have fun with my students and wanting them to come back on day two for even more! How? I let them see me be silly with a few strategic songs.  And who is the silliest, Dr. Jean of course! Once the madness of the first day has started (and I have gotten the kids "settled" and the parents on their way) I bring them to the carpet and teach them Dr. Jean's song "Hello, Neighbor!"
It goes something like this:
Hello Neighbor (wave)
What do you say? (shrug your shoulders, palms up)
It's going to be a happy day (snap your fingers right then left above your head)
Greet your neighborhood (shake hands with someone close)
Boogie on down (do the twist and get low)
Give a bump (hip bump *gentle* with a partner)
And turn around (just like it says, turn around)
Then it repeats 2 times and ends with ....And then sit down!
THEY LOVE IT! Promise. I then read a little first day of school story and do a little activity that goes with it....and then once they get wiggly I bring them back to the carpet and we do Wally Ache! ...another Dr. Jean Song. And I let them watch me be silly AGAIN! This one looks so crazy that I had to video myself to show you how the movements go.
Watch Me!
Sorry about the quality...and I am half asleep but you get the gist of it. LOL! The motions "cross the midline" and help the brain become more alert! It is the perfect brain exercise if you ask me. At first, the kids just stare at me like, huh? Then they can't help themselves....and they try it. It is everything I can do to not giggle because their hands are all over the place as they process the moves ...and reach for their nose and ear in every which way. It is not long and they get it. And they beg for this one over and over again. Promise. We move on to specials or lunch and when we get back we read another story, or I teach them how to get a drink from the fountain, push in their chair or line up (those are things you can never take for granted Kindergarten - or First Grade for that matter.) Once we finish that....I get silly one last time!
It's an oldie but goodie....Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I tell them I can ONLY do it 3 speeds. 
Medium speed. Fast speed. And Sloooooooow - mo  speed. And I go soooooooo slow it is painful.
By the time I finish on slow-mo speed they are like, who in the world is this lady, and where is the real teacher? It is hilarious. We have fun on that first day, silly and all ....and they can't wait to come back for day two! My teacher mission is complete! You can download any of those two silly Dr. Jean songs on iTunes. Just search for the titles. It is the best .99 cents you have ever spent. Promise.
Thanks for hanging with me through this long post. I have a Back to School FREEBIE for you too!
My Kinderfriends and I have put some of our Back To School resources on sale. To find them on Teacher Pay Teachers, just search #kinderfriends and they will come up.
Here is one of a few you can find on sale in my store this week.
Now, click on over to Elaine's - Kitty Kitty Kindergarten blog for even more ideas to get your school year off to a swinging start! She has some lifesaver tips and tricks, don't miss them.
Thanks for visiting my blog, my kinder friends and I thank you!


  1. Dr. Jean ROCKS!!! I love that you keep it REAL and SILLY for your kiddos!! They LOVE you as their teacher!!

  2. Hooray for being silly with our students! I LOVE hearing about your first day of school. I have to try Head, Shoulders in slow mo... I know my kiddos will love that! Going to get the Dr. Jean songs right now. Thanks so much for the freebie!

  3. It sounds like so much fun that I want to come be in your classroom! My kiddos and I love Dr. Jean's songs and dances too, I think I need to pull out my CDs and get dancing!

    1. Thanks Paula...let's dance our hearts out! :-)

  4. Dr. Jean is a staple in my room too! Dance your Sillies out! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  5. Robin you always have such great ideas. Slow mo makes me laugh!

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  7. I love the songs!! You are awesome! The kinder (now firstie) whisperer! Thanks for the tips!

  8. I have the same CD . . . it's an oldie but goodie! Hello Neighbor is the song I play to start our day. The kids know that when they hear it they need to be at the carpet! Thanks for the great freebie!!

  9. Hi! Great ideas! I also love Dr. Jean and being silly with my kiddos. It funny at first because it is you being goofy, and then slowly, the kiddos start trying it out too. I actually didn't know those two songs. Thanks for sharing such good ones and the motions to go along with them!
    Kindergarten Planet

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  12. I love that you keep it REAL and SILLY for your kiddos!! They LOVE you as their teacher!!