February 10, 2017

Sharing the Love with YOU!

It is no lie, being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs ever. I do LOVE it - but I tell you without my teacher BFFs I can not even imagine how much more difficult teaching would be. Can I get an amen?! With that being said, some of my teacher BFFs are rallying together to spread a little love this February. What does that mean to you? Well, if you comment below on my blog with something you LOVE about teaching, you will be entered to win ANY resource from my store. That means if your name is one of the 2 randomly selected from the comments below, I will notify you by mail (on 2/15) that you may pick any 1 item from my store...at no charge. I will then send it to you via email to use in your classroom. Not only that, but I will be donating 10% of my earnings from my Teacher Pay Teacher Store from 2/10-2/14 to Suncoast Hospice.
This organization has helped many people in my family, three just within the past year. I will be making this donation in loving memory of my Brother in Law Jim, my Uncle Barry and my friend Jeff.

The inauguration of a new president sure did prompt me to spend some time in my classroom promoting the ideas of peace, love and kindness. I felt like it was one way I could channel some of my disappointment in what I was seeing on television and reading in social media. So my students and I used several of the resources from my Be a Peacemaker Pack. 
We came up with this little directed drawing using crayons and paint too. The kids loved it....we added what peace meant to them and hung them in the hallway.
I followed up with compliment writing. Teaching the children in my classroom to look for ways to make friends feel good...sort of "catching" them doing kind works and writing to tell them so. "I like the way you..." "You are really good at...." "It made me smile when you..." After teaching my students how to use one of my writing compliment pages, I then put several others in the writing center and that love spread like wildfire. I want to give you one to use with your students.
My hope is that you will find a few minutes during the upcoming week to share the love of spreading kindness, by writing compliments with your students. The only "rule" is, if a student writes a compliment to a student, then that student must write back. Please grab one of these compliment pages to try with your students from my store and open up the preview. It is there for you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will continue to let us share the love by hopping on over to Cara's Kindergarten Boom Boom blog