February 29, 2016

Leap Year Sale!

Hi Everyone! My TpT store is on sale in honor of the extra day in our calendar….it is a Leap Year! I hope that will help you get some of those things that have been sitting in your shopping cart.
Click the link above to get to my store and get everything on sale for today only. Enjoy!

February 24, 2016


Have you heard? There are TWO days left to enter to win a $50 TpT gift card from Planning in Paradise. That is a lot of resources for your classroom. Click here to enter for a chance to win. YAY!

February 9, 2016

Valentine: Cheap and Cute

The Dollar Tree makes me happy.  Anyone else? There is something about walking through the local Dollar Tree, especially when there is a holiday fast approaching! It is a store FULL of teacher treasures! Wouldn't you agree? This weekend I went and found heart shaped crazy straws.
I pretty much squealed when I saw there were 6 in a pack for a dollar. I may only teacher First Grade math, but I knew pretty quick that meant CHEAP! I love CHEAP and I love CUTE. This was definitely BOTH for our upcoming classroom Valentine Exchange. Candy is great (Reese's pieces are my favorite, lol!) but they get so much of it and well, this was something a little bit different.  I grabbed 4 packs and before I could even get myself home, my brain was already thinking of a little saying and how I could attach it to the straw. I came up with a few sayings, but I kept coming back to this one: "I am CRAZY over how SMART YOU are!"
Once I printed them out, I just punched two holes and slipped the straw right on through. Viola. Done! If you need something to give your kiddos for Valentine's and you like this idea - you can get a copy here. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

February 1, 2016

The 100th Day of School!

I am linking up with other Kindergarten teachers to share some of the ideas that we LOVE most.

The 100th day of school happens in the month of February for me…the 8th to be exact, and I wanted to share a few ideas. A day (or two) before our 100th day celebration, I snap a photo of each student in my classroom…just a little head snapshot. I either print them off on my computer or upload them to Walgreens. The morning of our 100th day, I placed that photo on their table when they come in…but to their surprise there is one MORE photo on their table too. It is a photo of them at age 100! How? I upload their photo to an app called: Aging Booth. It is super simple and with a few taps and swipes, I have added wrinkles, gray hair, age spots and more! 
Here I am after my aging booth makeover:
Hilarious for sure! 
The students take both photos and glue them onto a special (paper) frame, then share them with one another. At the end of the day, they take the two photos home!  You can grab a free copy of the frame here
This is what the Aging Booth app looks like in the app store: 
  Here is my outfit courtesy of Kmart:
(a housecoat, slippers, pearls, red lipstick and ankle highs) There is a pair of glasses and a scarf that I wear as well.  I ask my kiddos to dress up and join in the fun! Many of my colleagues dress up and let me tell you - the laughter that day is abundant! Take a look at this photo of several teachers from my school - where do I even begin??  HA!
Needless to say, the school day is filled with all sorts of creative ways to celebrate the number 100. I would say it goes down in the books as one of the most memorable days of year! And that is exactly why we do it again, each and every year!  I also send my students home with a 100th day certificate, because after all - we are all 100 days smarter!

How do you celebrate with your kiddos?  Please leave me a comment, I would love to know!

 Happy 100th Day!