August 14, 2017

Back to School

Happy August - Happy Back to School!
My Kinderfriends and I have gotten together for a blog hop. I hope you will join us!
Kindness. It sure matters. It matters in a very BIG way. I am in such dismay over the events of this past weekend. It almost feels hopeless. But I can only dwell there for a moment and then I want to do something to help, to make a difference. Teachers can do something.  We can continue to teach acceptance. We can continue to teach kindness. We can continue to teach tolerance and we can continue to teach love. Isn't it wonderful how books have a way of making big concepts just a little bit easier for young students to understand? It makes them relatable, meaningful and are terrific conversation starters which can lead to big ideas and powerful activities!
Here is one of my favorites books about kindness:
Here is the link to a read it online.
It is a fabulous story! I know you will love it and your students too! There are tons of ways to extend this story. How about creating a kindness bulletin board? Get your students involved and brainstorm specific ways to show kindness to one another at school. Why not print them (or write them) on hearts and hang them up! 
Teaching students to chose kindness above everything else will make a difference! I created a free reader and it is available in my store to you. Please use it with your students and continue to make time to teach kindness....because it truly matters.
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